Explore Pattaya, Off the Beaten Path

Forget the raunchy Pattaya with its infamous nighttime activities. There is another side of Pattaya that you can also explore which is full of many other exciting attractions. There is more to this beautiful seaside Thai city than just the sex and the beaches and the bursting nightlife. That is the Pattaya that is not on the beaten path and where you can afford to have some unique experiences. Once you have found great accommodation in Pattaya, you can explore these selections of attractions out and about the city:

The Gibbon Zipline Flight

This is the best way to explore the lush rainforest canopy out of the city. It is an adrenaline-inducing adventure that brings you very up close and personal with the rainforest here. You can glide between the trees in the rainforest and you will be able to zipline your way past many platforms spread across the rainforest canopy. It is a great adventure that includes a total of 33 platforms on treetops as well as 3 hanging bridges and two rappelling descents. So it is kind of a mixed exciting experience. There is the normal zipline and there is also one that is “Superman-style” and even a parallel zipline that you can use with your partner as you race across the canopy. If you are a junkie after some great outdoor thrills along with an afternoon of great fun, then this is something that you’ve got to try out!

Watch a Muay Thai fight, the real one

This is another interesting spectacle that you can check out first-hand. If you have read those Thailand travel guides before visiting the country, you have probably heard of the Muay Thai fights. Even if you are not a fan of these fights, it is one of the best ways to experience Thai culture up close. The fights are quite entertaining and the city of Pattaya has some of the best platforms for watching these fights. Just make sure you choose a great accommodation in Pattaya that gives you great and easy access to any of these arenas. At the Pattaya Boxing World situated in 387 Moo 6, you will be able to get a glimpse of the local fighters as they practice their skills. Wednesday and Friday nights are some of the best days to catch up on the action.

The Coral Island

This is another great attraction for the outdoors or adventure junkies visiting Pattaya. If you are tired of the partying and the nightclubs and feels like heading out of the city to experience something new, check out the neighboring Coral Island. It is one of the best places to rejuvenate your spirits and start the week on a fresh note.

Locally, the Coral Island is known as the Koh Larn, and is renowned for its beautiful pristine beaches, crystal clear waters as well as an untouched marine life. It is the perfect place where you can enjoy an serene combination of sun, sea and sand. You can indulge in windsurfing across the waves or sample the corals from which the island derives its name. At the Samae Beach, you can enjoy some cocktail as you take in the golden sunsets. There is certainly more to Pattaya than just the usual. Just make sure you get great accommodation in Pattaya to serve as your base camp as you indulge into the attractions here.

Do’s and Don’ts for Fishing Charters

A fishing charter is one of the best experiences you could have if you a) enjoy being one with nature, and b) love fishing. A fishing charter Gold Coast has to offer is basically a fishing tour that is provided with guides and equipment. Hence, you literally walk into your scheduled fishing tour and you’re good to go for an afternoon of fishing. It is the best way to learn how to fish, too, because you can get the guidance of a professional. You will also be taken to some of the best fishing spots in Gold Coast to ensure that you can get a catch!

When looking for a fishing charter Gold Coast has to offer with which you can book, you have to consider each option carefully. To start with, here is a list of do’s and don’ts when choosing a fishing charter.


  • Choose based on the captain, not on the boat alone. A superior quality boat might entice you to choose a company that offers fishing charters but do not overlook the captain. Even if you have the best boat, if your captain is not that good, then the experience would still suck.
  • Get recommendation from your travel company or hotel. When you travel to Gold Coast to go fishing, seek recommendations from the front desk at your hotel or the travel agency you are working with. Most of them have a list of contacts you can refer to to make your search easier.
  • Ask about the fishing tackles and equipment available. As mentioned earlier, most fishing charter boats are equipped with fishing equipment you need. You will be able to choose one that you are most familiar with. But if you are daring enough, you can always learn how to use a new fishing equipment. More details at Gold Coast Fishing Charters.


  • DO NOT choose the cheapest package. Book a fishing charter boat for a day is not inexpensive. However, you need to know where the money goes. It will be used for the rental of the fishing boat along with the fishing equipment and the fee for the fishing guide. When you choose a fishing charter boat based only on the cheapest you could find, you can either be compromising on the quality of the fishing gear or the fishing instruction that you can get.
  • DO NOT book a fishing charter boat via a dock walk. A lot of fishing charter boat operators do this and most of them do not have proper license. Make sure that you take time to learn about the fishing charter operator before you say yes to going on a fishing trip with them. If you go on a fishing expedition with an unlicensed fishing charter operator, you could not hold them responsible in case there are any mishaps while you’re at sea.

The excitement of your first catch and the thrill of riding a fishing charter boat is something that you will cherish for a long time. Hence, if you consider yourself an avid fan of fishing, you need to book a fishing charter Gold Coast has today to get the best experience!

Key Information to Prepare for a Mekong River Cruise

The Mekong River is one of the most important river systems in Southeast Asia. Aside from the fact that it serves as link to 7 countries to which the river passes through, it has played a significant role in forming the history, culture and way of life for the people who live near the river. If you are planning a trip to Southeast Asia and would love to go on a river cruise (because it’s a must!), then you need to know some Mekong River information to give you a better understanding of what you are about to see and experience.
Introduction to the Mighty Mekong
The Mekong River is known by many names, but the mighty river holds the same value for those who live near it. The river itself stretches up to 10,000 feet in length, which starts off from the Tibetan Plateau. Then, the river snakes its way through China’s Yunnan Province to the Upper Mekong in Laos until it reaches the Lower Basin in Cambodia and Vietnam. In fact, one of the most popular tourist attractions for those who travel to Cambodia and Thailand is a cruise along the Mekong River. Most of the tourists who take the cruise are curious to know more Mekong River information with the help of guided tours.
The river is divided into two major parts (as the Mekong descends from the highlands of the Yunnan province): the Upper Mekong and the lower Mekong. When you decide to cruise the Upper Mekong River, you will start off your journey from China and then explore a long but narrow valley. Along the way, you will enjoy the sights of mountains and plateaus from the south western portion of China.
Meanwhile, cruising the lower Mekong brings you to the border of Laos and Myanmar. When you take this particular route of the cruise, you will cruise along the Khorat Plateau and the Annamese Cordillera in Vietnam and Laos. You will also be sailing next to Cambodia before the river distributes and flows through the main delta in south of Vietnam.
Season and Climate
Before you travel or go on a cruise, it is important to know key Mekong River information, such as the season and climate changes in the region. Most of the flow in the river comes from the rainfall. However, the direction of the river flow varies depending on the monsoon winds. The lowest flow is during April due to the drought of the summer. But starting May or June wherein the monsoon season is about to start, the flow of water to the river begins to increase.
The highest water level at the Mekong River is documented around August or September. Hence, tourists are advised to plan your trip accordingly. Some tour companies refuse to hold tours depending on the water level of the Mekong River and the prevailing winds and weather conditions. Hence, it is also important to research about the seasonal changes in the river before you book your cruise tours ahead of time.

GAP Year in India: Useful Travel Tips

India is one of the most incredible travel and volunteer destinations. It is a land of surprises where you are really never sure at what you are going to get. There is so much culture, traditions, history, artistry, culinary delights, beautiful scenery and landscape and so much more to discover. It is a country on the move but also a country that is grappling with endemic poverty. It is no wonder that India, the land of Buddha, is one of the top volunteer abroad destinations in the world.


If you have chosen India for your GAP year programs, be sure to be confronted with so much that will take you out of your comfort zones. With the volunteer abroad programs like the ones offered by the Involvement Volunteers International, you can discover great volunteer opportunities that make a difference in communities and you will be able to apply your time and talent in areas where it is most needed.

Many of the volunteer programs offered by the organization in India are in areas that ensure sustainable employment as well as educational opportunities in some of the poorest communities in the country. You can also volunteer in nutritional programs in order to help the country combat its chronic malnutrition and child mortality problems.

With the IVI programs, you have the opportunity to volunteer all over India in customized volunteer programs that are very much to your liking. You can take a stint in the Bodhgaya area which is the birthplace of Buddhism or go east to the foothills of the Himalayas.  Choose the big Indian cities such as Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or Bangalore or head deep south in India, in the sleepy backwaters such as Kerala.

All of these depend on your budget and preferences. How much have you allocated for your volunteer abroad stints? What would you prefer to see during your volunteer work overseas? Once you have these fundamentals properly worked out, you can talk to IVI in order to evaluate the various volunteer packages on offer.  Before heading to the incredible India, there are additional traveler’s tips that you may also need to arm yourself with in order to ensure you have a seamless travel and happy experience in the country. Here are some of the useful tips:

Have an open mind: As indicated, India will offer you the unexpected ranging from opulence to dehumanizing poverty. It is therefore important to go into the country with a very open mind.

Choose locations based on your interests: Every location in India will offer you certain unique experiences. It is important to base your choice of location on the programs that you are interested in pursuing. Are you interested in volunteering in a rural atmosphere or in the urban slums for example?

Understand the Indian culture and social mores: This mainly applies to women. The Indian culture is very conservative and showing too much flesh might be seen as an affront on the local culture or something completely foreign in the more conservative segments of the Indian society. To avoid attracting the wrong kinds of attention such as prolonged stares, it is important to blend into the local culture.

Take good care of your belongings: In a population of over 1.2 billion, it is natural to expect some miscreants so do not leave your belongings unattended to wherever you are.

Buy the local crafts and wares: India has undoubtedly some of the finest craftsmen in the world but these craftsmen are typically some of the poorest people in society. You can give back to them by purchasing some wears from them.

Be conscious about hygiene: It is generally advised that you avoid tap water and choose the cleanest places to eat in. Always carry water purification tablets and have some bottled water handy during your volunteer India experience. For more details please visit this site http://www.volunteering.org.au/volunteer-fees.html

Travelling to South America

On 23 August 2016 –  A new flagship has been launched by Trafalgar, which is basically a thirteen-day round trip around South America, which would include places like Brazil, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina. This program starts from 2017 and is comprised of eleven itineraries that have been hand-crafted and four extensions, which would give all the guests an easy access to all the destinations of the six different styles of trips. This program will help the guests tap into the heart beat of the southern or Latin America and give them an amazing experience. After the launch of this program, this would become one of the most dynamic tour plans of most other South America Tours.

Travelling is one of the best ways to learn. You get to know so much about the little world people live in.  The moment you land at an unfamiliar place, among unfamiliar people, your journey to a set of new and amazing or adventurous memories begin. The world might look like a vast place for such little human souls, but what happens when you start travelling is, you give space to your soul to grow, beyond the bars created by yourself. You give yourself the liberty to explore a new place, a new face, you make a new friend, and a new bond. So travelling is definitely a learning experience which nothing else can beat. South America is a vast and beautiful country filled with breathtaking places to visit and that is exactly what the various South Amercia Tours try and offer.

Another major attraction towards South America is the Olympics of 2016. The Olympics brought with it a bursting development in the South Amercia Tours. Here is a list of places you could visit after the Rio Olympics have ended in order to calm your senses and get back to your normal life after a refreshing vacation.

·        One of the most beautiful and peaceful places to visit would definitely be Mendoza, Argentina. In case you are a wine lover, this is going to be a double win for you, and in case you are not, there are high chances of you turning into one after visiting this magnificent place.

·        For the people who like it “chilly”, this place is definitely for you – Portillo, Chile. Here you could have a nice skiing experience. Remember that time when skiing was a thing? This place looks exactly like those times.

·        Another amazing spot to visit would be towards the Pacific Ocean, that is, Zapallat, Chile.  This place has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it is a guarantee that if you are a beach person, this beautiful hidden beach would blow your mind.

·        If you want to have a taste of amazing colonial cities, places like Quito, Cuenca in Ecuador are the best places to visit.

Most travellers get madly captivated by the huge number of cultural and natural wonders of South America. There are beautiful natural wonders as well as the big cities. Get going.

Waterfront Villas in the Sunshine Coast – The Best Home You Can Imagine

The Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia is one great place to spend one’s holidays in. If you get the opportunity to invest in a property there as well, then you should consider yourself fortunate. There are even waterfront villas Sunshine Coast wide that can be purchased, and it can become your abode forever. Any investment in real estate throughout the Sunshine Coast will be of immense value to the buyer of the property as there is only one way the property prices can move; that is up.

Waterfront Villas Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Has a Romantic Charm About It

When people make an evaluation of places where they would prefer to find a place to buy a home and settle down, the sunshine coast cannot be overlooked. The coast itself is quite a long one, stretching about 40 miles off the Pacific Ocean. You can find all types of properties being offered and buying new homes sunshine coast has is very easy if you look around for reliable agencies who take it upon themselves to assist the buyers. The properties will be listed by them in different categories. You can take a look at plots available on which a new house can be built; built units of various kinds can also be found. The concept of buy and build sunshine coast real estate properties is an interesting one, with land still available even on the waterfront. When you provide the inputs to the architect and the builder to construct a residential unit as per your liking, the charm of living in such a house has a unique flavour.

You can actually end up building your own Waterfront Villas Sunshine Coast based and settle down for a lovely and perhaps adventurous life. You could call your friends over and have great fun, catching up on old times spent together.

Look at the Sites on Offer

As you browse through the listed properties for sale along Sunshine Coast, you will find some attractive offers for land on sale. You will have to take a call on the size of the plot, the frontage you need and the prices are usually quoted per square meter. You will need to look at the other aspects like the facilities such as shopping available close to the plot since you might need them as you start living there after you have built your home. See pelican waters.

There may be fresh projects coming up and new land sunshine coast based might be on offer. You should therefore make a thorough study of the property scene along the sunshine coast and then only take your pick. The waterfront villas Sunshine Coast offers would prove to be the best bet if you are up for it and if you can manage to locate a nice property of your choice, you will never be short of excitement.

You can imagine hundreds and thousands of people coming to the Sunshine Coast for a short holiday, and you have the whole coast to yourselves all through! That is the real pleasure you derive from deciding to find a home for yourself on the Sunshine Coast. Go for it the first opportunity you get and make it to the Sunshine Coast. For more details visit http://www.pelicanwaters.com/.